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Georgia currently ranks as 38 overall in education quality and safety amongst all of our nations states. Education is said to be a "great equalizer". We need to update our curriculum and provide cutting edge resources to keep our students competitive. We need to provide our students with innovative and technology driven programs, especially in the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). This will prepare our students for a successful future within a competitive and innovative workforce. We also need to support our teachers by providing the tools they need to empower them to operate at their highest level of potential. Our children deserve the best education that reflects the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow.


As the Georgia State Representative for district 99, I believe that every woman, man, and child is entitled to great quality healthcare at an affordable rate. Therefore, I am in support of cost effective healthcare being more accessible and available to each and every person in our district, especially to our veterans, seniors, and the mentally ill. I will support legislation that will responsibly and equitably expand access to health insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. Everyone in the 99th deserves to live a long healthy life.


The reality about transportation is that it's future-oriented. If we're planning for what we have now, we're already behind the curve. Opening the door to a better transportation system in our district means opening the door to taking advantage of job opportunities, keeping our road ways clear of traffic, and moving our district one step closer to the future. As your Georgia State Representative I will support legislation that brings MARTA to our district.


We need to extend the promise of citizenship to those still fighting to gain it. Today's immigration laws do not reflect our values or serve our security, and I will work for real reform. The solution is not to establish a massive new status of second-class workers, that betrays our values and hurts all working people. Undocumented immigrants within our borders who clear a background check, work hard, and pay taxes should have a path to earn full citizenship in our state and nation. I will work to hasten family reunification for parents and children, husbands and wives. I will work to offer more english-language and civic education classes so immigrants can assume all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. As I undertake these steps, we must remember that we are a nation of immigrants, build by immigrants. We all share the dream of a better life in the this great state that we love.

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